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Specifically engineered and manufactured to exacting quality standards, IZIT Leather delivers the supple hand, legendary durability, and sophisticated look of the finest calfskin--with the consistency and ease of maintenance you can only get with IZIT Leather.


COST-EFFECTIVE: IZIT Leather comes on a 54" roll, therefore yielding substantial savings over animal leather. You will have minimal waste and find it is easier to work with.

PERFORMANCE: All IZIT Leather far exceeds the industry standard with over 200,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek testing method while the industry standard is 30,000. Best of all, IZIT Leather cleans up easily with soap and water.


Every style of IZIT Leather offers pure, consistent color, unmatched feel, and authentic grain. And they all feature the efficiency and convenience that has made IZIT Leather an evolutionary step beyond calfskin.

IZIT Leather is breathable, stretchable, tear and stain resistant, and won’t “puddle” like other leather alternatives. There are three styles of IZIT Leather, each engineered to meet the exacting requirements of your most demanding clients.

• Genuine Appearance

• Animal Friendly

• Touch of

    Luxurious Leather

• Superior, Supple Hand

• Durable

• Lightweight

• Consistent Color

• Economical

• Large Selection

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The world's  finest man-made leather.

For questions, samples, or to place an order please call: 800-221-1537 or Email: info@izitleather.com

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