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Designers around the world continuously find creative

applications for IZIT Leather:

      • Under large nail heads on antique padded doors

      • Sophisticated wall coverings

      • Institutional uses worldwide

You will find it everywhere: IZIT Leather inspires creativity!

What is your next specification?


IZIT Leather has been used on just about every piece of furniture you can imagine. For years, high-end restaurants, hotels and casinos have relied upon IZIT Leather to stand up to the tremendous wear and tear of their environments while maintaining the soft luxurious appearance year after year. IZIT Leather outperforms vinyl and genuine leather and always looks outstanding.


IZIT Leather has been used for years in aircraft and now we have developed IZIT Leather Enhanced to pass stringent FAA flammability requirements. This has been engineered into our manufacturing process and eliminates after-market spray treatment while maintaining the soft, luxurious hand of IZIT Leather Premier.


Discriminating yacht owners, designers and ship builders have specified IZIT Leather for years so they can be surrounded by its plush comfort. From houseboats to cruise ships IZIT is there.


You will sit upon IZIT Leather in custom motor coaches, show cars and vintage vehicles. With our color selection it will be easy to find one that fits your client’s personality perfectly.

For questions, samples, or to place an order please call: 800-221-1537 or Email: info@izitleather.com

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