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Our Culture

Together, we’re building something unique at Willow Tex.

The Willow Tex team is made up of a small, close-knit group of multi-talented individuals. Family is the word that is often cited when we speak of our team. We know and care about each team member. Every car in our parking lot represents a family that depends on us to not only survive but to thrive and grow. Willow Tex takes ownership of that responsibility.

Our team members are dedicated, smart, and agile, with the ability to quickly shift from one role to another. These characteristics are evident from the top-down, although top-down isn’t a word one would use to describe our culture. We work together as a high-performance team. The CEO and President roll up their sleeves alongside everyone else.

We are building something unique together, and together is how we will share our success.

We take care of our team.

Willow Tex offers an attractive total rewards package comprised of a competitive salary and performance-oriented pay in return for your contribution to our success. In addition, we offer a range of employee benefits with flexible choices to cater to different needs.

Besides these financial rewards and benefits, we offer many opportunities for personal growth and development to help you reach your full potential. Our high-performance team members are encouraged to contribute and grow through on-the-job development, and an exceptional education reimbursement program.

Keeping our valuable team healthy is of utmost importance. We support this goal with discounted gym memberships, healthy snacks at cost and more. Most importantly, we offer the opportunity to join the Willow Tex family in building our future and having fun along the way.